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The second stage of this project, completed with the support of Forum Virium, the City of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Taidelinja HKL, will occupy new media signs with literary citations on memory and progress. These will appear across the city center and will overlap with the final stage of this project.

Profane Displacements:

ex libris

is an art project imagined and produced at the invitation of the art collective These Animals which will unfold in three stages during the event Gaming the System (Sept. 17 - 27, 2015).

The task of this project will be to activate an interstice in the everyday lived experience of Helsinki inhabitants through the use of various media, including performative walks, media signs, and a mobile app. During the course of two months, from mid-September to mid-November, this project will unfold in stages. 

The first stage, influenced by De Certeau’s analysis of pedestrian speech acts, wherein “walking the city” gains the function of appropriation in the very spatial acting-out of the place it cites (the city), will begin with a performative citation of the Helsinki shoreline of 1917. From the 17 – 27th of September, I will walk the boarders of Helsinki, redrawing in sand, through park and street, the long forgotten shoreline.

17 – 27th of September

2  – 8th of November

The final leg of this project will be the development of a smart phone app which uses mobile phones’ GPS coordinates to send a ping to mobile-users whenever they cross over the boundary of the 1917 Helsinki shoreline. This collision field will be based on the geographical coordinates of the city-wide sand-drawing from the performative part of this work.

5th of November -

17 – 27 Septemberhttp://theseanimals.org