The construction of a conversation.

Art is a language game; a playground where the inevitable slippage of meaning leads to the conclusion of one game at the spontaneous dawning of another.  The nuances of this language – those negative spaces, juxtapositions, and citations that create meaning; the pauses, ellipses, and parentheses that alter it –  inform my work.  When does text become opaque; an image transparent?  What is the nature of the relationship between the viewer and author (of which I am both simultaneously)?

The meaning of a sign is the response to it, but how does our interpretation alter an artwork? The birth of the reader is liberating and the intertextuality of interpretations enriching.  However, we hear when we are a part of what is said to us; it is the connection to the other that makes art meaningful.  Or, more likely, it is that feeling “connected to” that we relish; the recognition of a counterpart: art as mirror.  Thus, the writerly viewer can only meander so far; we are, ultimately, restricted in our readings.  These dynamics of interpretation are a lasting theme of my work; whether in an effort to frustrate, empower, or deny, the viewer looms large in them. 


Language stacked becomes an image;

             Images in sequence form a sentence.

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