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    Producing and Experiencing the Everyday Through Daily-life.

            Co-authored with Ossi Naukarinen. In forthcoming anthology: Experiencing the Everyday,

            NSU Press.

    “Gaming the System: Challenges in Outlining the Possibility for a Political Art.”

           To be published in Special issue of Journal of Aesthetics and Culture. Originally presented at NSU

           Winter symposium (2016), University of Latvia: “Appearances of the Political”


    Gaming the System: Re/activating the Polis

           Nordic Summer University Summer Symposium: Druskininkai, Lithuania:

           "Everyday Politics: Redistribution of the sensible."

    Reclaiming Lost Time: Authenticity through Aesthetic experience in Proust and Heidegger.  

            NSU Winter symposium, University of Oslo:

           "Exhibiting the Everyday:Representing, Mediating, Experimenting."




   The Aesthetic Dimension in Relational Aesthetics

            Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Helsinki, Finland:

           "Art, the Aesthetic and Aesthetic Experience."


    Aesthetics of the Everyday

           Estonian Literary Museum & University of Tartu Winter symposium: Tartu, Estonia:

           "Everyday moods, affects and attunements."


    Love and the Cult of Individualism.

           Presented at 21st American Voices Seminar,Turku University, Finland.

     //  Listed here is a collection of critical writings which I composed and the various conferences or publications they are associated with.